The Time of the Fireflies

When Larissa Renaud starts receiving eerie phone calls on a disconnected old phone in her family’s antique shop, she knows she’s in for a strange summer. A series of clues leads her to the muddy river banks, where clouds of fireflies dance among the cypress knees and cattails each evening at twilight. The fireflies are beautiful and mysterious, and they take her on a magical journey through time, where Larissa learns secrets about her family’s tragic past — deadly, curse-ridden secrets that could harm the future of her family as she knows it. It soon becomes clear that it is up to Larissa to prevent history from repeating itself and a fatal tragedy from striking the people she loves.

With her signature lyricism, Kimberley Griffiths Little weaves a thrilling tale filled with family secrets, haunting mystery, and dangerous adventure.



PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY: "Little's strengths lie in building a strong sense of the history of a place, its inhabitants, and how one can greatly affect the other. A satisfyingly creepy mystery, wrapped up in the bonds of family."

SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL: "This is a haunting, well-constructed tale that keeps readers guessing until the end. The feel of the old bayou infuses the story and the well-developed characters fit into the landscape, moving along in a plot filled with suspense, adventure, and mystery. A perfect choice for lovers of ghost stories, historical fiction, or just a good yarn."

KIRKUS REVIEWS: "Suspense builds quickly and doesn't falter . . . Larissa’s first-person narration is fresh and engaging, and the richly evoked south Louisiana setting serves to ground this ethereal tale in a real time and place while contributing to the mysterious mood it requires. For those fond of exceedingly creepy but not-too-violent stories of the supernatural. Fans of Mary Downing Hahn will devour this one."

BBCB: BULLETIN OF THE CENTER FOR CHILDREN'S BOOKS: "The story here is both sweet and atmospheric, with the intriguing mystery behind Larissa’s family history capably balanced with the more quotidian, accessible elements of her dealing with the arrival of a new sibling and coping with bullying. Larissa’s narration is particularly effective at capturing her overreactions without making her seem melodramatic, and her concern over her appearance and how it relates to her budding identity will be familiar to preteen readers. Moss-covered cypresses and gator-filled swamps make for a beautifully dangerous Southern setting, but the book is evasive on the issue of race, never directly acknowledging the racial divide between the wealthy plantation owners and their servants. This still makes for an absorbing read, however, and it would make an appealing read-alike to Thompson's The Girl from Felony Bay"

BOOKPAGE REVIEW : "Kimberley Griffiths Little’s new book brings all the eeriness of the Louisiana bayou into an engaging story about a girl, her family and the secrets of the past."

"Preteen Larissa Renaud didn’t exactly want to travel through time, but she does want to find out who the strange caller is on the disconnected phone in her family’s antique store. The caller can’t tell Larissa more than that she needs to 'follow the fireflies.' When Larissa does, she finds herself observing a scene from the 1800s and learning more about her family history than her mother ever told her. As she starts to put all the pieces of the past together, the pieces of the present start to fall apart."

"Full of adventure, The Time of the Fireflies takes Larissa on a wild ride with just enough—but not too much—scariness for a younger reader. Little's prose is accessible and lyrical, making her new book an enjoyable read."
—Jennifer Bruer Kitchel


  1. mahjabin says:

    I love when the butterflies came it is the only book I have read I been looking for your other books but I have not found them yet. Let me tell you something about me I am a 4th grader I am an advanced reader also I am bad at math. I also advice you to talk or meet Rick Riordan. He also is a good author.

    • Megan Michaud says:

      Hello I am a current 7th grader. (January 1/28/2015 ) I have only read Kimberly Littles book circle of secrets. I am currently on chapter 7 I have 3 and a half pages left. Until chapter 8. In am on page 99 out of 323. So far the book is good. I recommend that you read Circle of secrets. It’s good so far!!!! 🙂 🙂 I want to read when the butterflies come. Is it any good!? Thanks for reading this!!!! 🙂 🙂

    • Aspyn G. says:

      You wanna know what a good book by Kimberley is? The healing spell. its really good! Another good book by her is Circle Of Secrets! You should go try them!

      -Aspyn G.

  2. Chanssen says:

    I know. I can’t wait for this to come out! The title sounds like the title “When the butterflies came.” You know, butterflies, fireflies? I’m in 3rd grade but I go to an APP school, where they teach 2 grades ahead, so I’m basically in 5th grade. I also can’t wait for Forbidden to come out, even if it is december.

    • kglittle says:

      Thank you for your lovely note, I’m so happy you loved my book so much! Yes, the titles between both my books are similar but this one has a character from my book, Circle of Secrets, and a mysterious doll and time-slipping. 🙂
      Keep on reading! Books are the best, aren’t they?
      You can see my full list of books here, too:
      Take care, and thanks again!
      Warmest wishes,

      • Rachel says:

        Hi Kimberley Griffiths! Nice to meet you! I loved your books. So far I’ve read The Time of The Fire Flies and Circle of Secrets. Your books are so intriguing!
        I was wondering in The Time of The Fire Flies, whether if Larissa had been in the story, Circle of Secrets.
        Is Larissa in the Circle of Secrets?

        Thank you for your time.


        • Kimberley Griffiths Little says:

          Dear Rachel,

          Thanks so much for your email! I love hearing how much you enjoyed the books. Yes, Larissa was in Circle of Secrets! She plays a small role in that book and I knew there was so much more to her story and the doll so Larissa had to have her own book. 🙂

          Now you’ll have to read When the Butterflies Came and The Healing Spell! They all take place in Bayou Bridge about some of the other characters. You can get them through any bookstore or Amazon or ask your local library or school library to order them for you. (They make great gifts!) 🙂

          Thanks again for writing! It’s a treat to hear from my readers.

          All my best,


        • Deena says:

          i agree with you once you read like 1 book you love all the books because they are so divine!

      • VV says:


  3. Fiona Ng says:

    I have read two of your books, Circle of Secrets and When the Butterflies came. I am now reading another of your books, The Healing Spell which I borrowed from the library. I just love your books! Both books made me cry sometimes though. Those two books are actually somehow linked aren’t they? They have Shelby Jayne and Tara in it. I guess Tara turned over a new leaf in When the Butterflies came, didn’t she? I read one of your previous comments that The Time of the Fireflies have one of the character from Circle of Secrets, could it be Shelby Jayne? And when said about the mysterious doll and time-slipping, could it be by any chance the doll Gwen owned and the mystery that during Shelby Jayne and Gwen are together, they went through times? I am so looking forward to this book!

  4. Fiona Ng says:

    I have read two of your books, Circle of Secrets and When the Butterflies came. I am now reading another of your books, The Healing Spell which I borrowed from the library. I just love your books! Both books made me cry sometimes though. Those two books are actually somehow linked aren’t they? They have Shelby Jayne and Tara in it. I guess Tara turned over a new leaf in When the Butterflies came, didn’t she? I read one of your previous comments that The Time of the Fireflies have one of the character from Circle of Secrets, could it be Shelby Jayne? And when said about the mysterious doll and time-slipping, could it be by any chance the doll Gwen owned and the mystery that during Shelby Jayne and Gwen are together, they went through times? I am so looking forward to this book!

  5. Sophia T. says:

    Your books are amazing, i love them all! i have read when the butterflies came, circle of secrets, and the healing spell. they are all my favorite, like how they are all linked with Shelby and Tara and Livie and the other characters. i love all the mystery in your books. I CANT WAIT for this book to come out! i like the idea that in this book there’s fireflies in this book. i can kind of relate to all your books I’ve read because I’m going into sixth grade. Now it’s so close for your new book to come out, and I’m SO EXCITED. i really love your books! 🙂

  6. Olivia L. says:

    I really like your books. Your books are awesome! My favorite is When the Butterflies Came. I love it because it is fun and adventurous. I wish there is a movie of that book! If it comes, that I will love to see the movie of it! I am so excited and joyful of your books!

  7. Rachel says:

    I want to read this book soon, and I really love when the butterflies came! It is so awesome, I wish there was a sequel. I’ve also read the healing spell, but when the butterflies came is my favorite. It’s so awesome! 😀

  8. Rachel says:

    dont mind the I want to read this book soon. I also want to read the time of the fireflies and the circle of secrets soon. I think my favorite character in all will be Tara though.

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  10. Fiona Ng says:

    I bought your book and can’t wait to read it! But since national exams are around the corner(next week),I have to study and have to postpone reading your book. I read all your other books though and a few times at that! I kept reading the sypnosis of The Time Of The Fireflies.

  11. says:

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  12. Fiona Ng says:

    I have finally finished my exams and read The Time of The Fireflies immediately after I reach home from school! I could not stop reading that I finished the book on that day and stayed up late. The book is breath-taking like your other books. Anna died a horrible death and was wrong to take Anna Marie. Kat must be very sad that Gwen and Anna died, as well as her mother when she gave birth to Kat. Dulcie must felt horrible all this time as it was her doll and was taken away from her. Larissa did the right thing to give the doll to Dulcie’s descendants. Although many terrible accidents happened, Larissa’s family pulled through which was admirable. Anna might have been wrong to take the doll from Dulcie which led to many family tradgedies but that was why Larissa is who she was now, a stronger and more confident girl. 🙂

  13. Vanessa says:

    I loved this book! Congrats Kimberly on how well this book was written. Larrisa is so brave. I love the setting and how it goes into the past. What an amazing book! I couldn’t put it down and that is a good thing!

  14. Vanessa says:

    I loved this book! Congrats Kimberly on how well this book was written. Larrisa is so brave. I love the setting and how it goes into the past. What an amazing book! I couldn’t put it down and that is a good thing! Keep on writting.

  15. Beth Doreen says:

    Love this book. I’m reading it at school. I also wanna read Circle Of Secrets and Healing Spell, and probably even When The Butterflies Came. They sound really good!

  16. Tara Doucet says:

    love your books about famliy time

  17. Megan michaud says:

    Well your welcome Kimberly. I have not read the time of the fireflies. Where can you ( u ) get that book!? And my 7th grade class is going to the library tomorrow. Thursday Feb 4/2015.Is the time of the fireflies in the in the Wiley Coyote middle school library!? Any ways I went to school the next morning in the band hall. ( we all the friends I talk about in hear Shelby Courtney and Abby play he flute!!) and I ask my friend if she had the book. And she said what book!? And I said circle of secrets. And then I said you know what reminds me about u reading that book!? And she told me ( no I don’t. ) then I said your name. And do you know what her name is!? Hit hit main characters name. Yes that’s it Shelby!! She said that she loved the book!! Have u ever talked to .S.E.Hinton!? I have read her books to. Like was then This now, I just finished Rumble Fish last night. And also The Outsiders!! I own The Outsiders movie. I love that movie!! And book. But know that you and .S.E.Hinton was the one that made me learn that I love reading even tho I have dyslexia, I still love the read!! Thanks to you and S.E.Hinton. Thanks for that.
    Ps my friend is friends with me as I am a twin and and her other friend is a twin from New York.So I am going to tell her to read your book series. 2 of my other friends want to read the circle of secrets. I plan to read all your other books. As I would have to buy them. So where can I find the time of the fireflies and the time the butterflies came!?
    I would like to find every one of your books and just read them!!!! I had 3 other books that I was reading at the time!! And Circle of Secrets was so good I finished that first. Even tho I had catching fire then I got Rumble Fish. And I got 2 weeks to read Rumble Fish. Then I got circle of secrets. It’s 8:10 here now what time is it where you live!? Cause I don’t want to keep you awake. You should make movie of all the books u wrote. Do you still write books if so what books!? What do u do besides wrote books. He whole time I read the book I thought Gwen was a real person I felt bad for her. So does the blue bottle tree really keep away bad spirits and ghosts!? I want to know I just want make a blue bottle tree. Do you have a blue bottle tree!? I write about all the time at school when I have to do journals. For 3 minutes and 5 minute I write in 2 different classes. I also wrote about you and we had to use this 1 word over and over again. The word was terrified I said: have you read the books circle of secrets well if u have not u need to. Shelby terrified to go to a new school. Shelby is terrified to go live live with her mom in the Louisiana bayou./ swamp. That her left her a year ago.Shelby is terrified that she was dared to jump off the old broke bridge. Shelby was terrified to find a note in the blue bottle tree. That said: don’t forget tonight’s the night- and hurry. Shelby was terrified to find out that the 2 people writing was her mom and her friend Gwen. Shelby was terrified to find out that her mom walked off and left Gwen with the mean truth or dare kids. She was terrified when I her mom left and did not save her a Gwen died. She was terrified trying to save Gwen. She was most of all terrified to find out that ghosts where real. To bad I was not terrified to read that book. If you like adventure and spooky things then u should read: I put your name and the book tittle. My teacher said it was great that I wrote the word terrified over and over again. She said it’s was like I did it over and over again to get the readers attention I did not write all that and I did not tell them about Gwen being a ghost and all but I really want more people to read your books. It’s like a those questions I just asked u where burning questions that had to asked. Can you answer the blue bottle tree questions tho. Thanks for taking time to read this love Megan .p.p.s. It took 45 minutes to type that. Please try and answer all of those question. Ppppppplllllllllleeeeeeaaaaaassssseeee!!!!!!
    (Please) thank you love the girl who loves your book series so far,
    Megan. 🙂 🙂

  18. Emily says:

    i read the time of the fireflies it was an amazing book.i still didn’t like
    How Anna Marie was always smiling when a tragedy happened in Larissa’s family and she was always there.why did dulcie named
    The doll Anna Marie and she didn’t like Anna?do you have a picture of how Anna Marie looks?anna died daphne
    Died Gwen died and Larissa was about to die

    • Kimberley Griffiths Little says:

      Dear Emily,

      Thank you so much for your comment on my website, I love hearing from readers!

      I’m so pleased you enjoyed The Time of the Fireflies. Yes, there was a lot of tragedy in the story, but also a lot of hope. Life always has hope even when things get difficult and dark.

      I think Dulcie named the doll Anna Marie because the girl Anna Marie forced her to – because Anna Marie was jealous Dulcie got the doll instead of her.

      Thanks again for writing!

      Have a lovely day,

  19. Emily says:

    Thank you for your reply

  20. Bronte says:

    Hello! I am a sixth grader and a huge fan of your books.
    I have read Time of the Fireflies, When the Butterflies Came, and am about to read Circle of Secrets.
    I noticed in When the Butterflies Came, Tara is thinking; “Swallowing hard, I think about that new girl last
    year at school, Shelby Jayne, the daughter of Miz Mirage. I think about how I teased her and dared her to jump
    into the bayou where the alligators swim.” But, in Time of the Fireflies Larissa, who is the main character, gets
    pushed into the bayou by Tara and Allyson. Not Shelby Jayne. I was very confused by this and wanted to know if this
    was on purpose or not. Thanks!

    • kglittle says:

      Hi Bronte, thanks so much for reading all my books set in the bayou! I’m thrilled you like them so much. You are a careful reader and yes, Larissa does fall in and get scarred, but Tara and the rest of her friends do dare Shelby Jayne in Circle of Secrets to jump into the water – and then Shelby runs away. Later in the story, she does fall in and her mother rescues her. So both things happen! Hoope this helps the confusion. I think it will be clearer after you read Circle of Secrets – that storyline happens before Time of the Fireflies. 🙂 ~Kimberley

  21. breanna says:

    hello, I’m breanna I am reading the time of the fireflies so far so intresting I am doing a reading fair project on your book well the entire 6th grade at la vega isd, Waco tx and was wondering if you had any ideas ?

    • kglittle says:

      Thank you for reading The Time of the Fireflies, Breanna, happy to know you’re enjoying it. So sorry for the late response, but I’ve been traveling a lot this spring. You could probably get some great ideas for your project from the Book Club Guide here on my website. It’s free, just click on the link on the page for FIREFLIES and it will open up in a PDF. Hope this helps! ~Kimberley

  22. andee says:

    best book in the universe

  23. Kayla says:

    Hello Kimberly I’m Kay la and you’ve been to my school before I love all your books especially the time of the fireFlys and I’m still reading it I’m on page 200 and something I can’t wait to finish the book but I wonder if Anna Marie ever gets destroyed I’ve also read you’re book the healing spell awesome books and I love to read . Bye please reply

  24. Kayla says:

    Hi Kimberly it’s kayla again and I’m going out of town today so reading your book tay

  25. Satsuki says:

    I bet I know what the surprise photo is Great pierctus. You know, the next time you’re in town (LOL) my family should get you to take our picture LOL. I love your pierctus.

  26. Ollie says:

    Welcome to Florida Girl.Did you say you are in Tampa? I am going to a Phillies game in 2 weeks. They will be playing the Tampa Bay Rays right here in Port Charlotte.Hope you’re enjoying the weh1&er.Ita#82t7;s been beautiful.The week before you came it was our only cold weather of the season so far…Hugs Bettysue

  27. VV says:

    I LOVE YOU K G LITTLE. AND I LOVE THE TIME OF THE FIREFLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Addie says:

    This is the best book ever!!!! Makes you want to keep on reading it! I have read the entire series millions of times!! AMAZING!!!!

  29. Lily says:

    I love how your books have the same characters in them <3 The other comments make me feel bad I haven't read Circle of Secrets yet! (Don't worry, it's next on my list!) Please keep writing! I love you and your books!

    • Kimberley Griffiths Little says:

      Hi again, Lily, I hope you get a chance to read the other books! I tried to personally email you back, which is what I usually do for the people who post a comment here on my website so that you get a personal note from me, but your email kept bouncing my message back to me, unfortunately.

      I’ll keep writing new books, no worries there. :-)Just keep checking back in here at my website. And I have my FORBIDDEN Young Adult trilogy that you can look at here on my site, too.
      Thanks again for your sweet notes! I love my readers!

  30. LarissaLover101 says:

    Hi Kimberly Griffiths Little! I’m a big fan! I have a question: Are you going to write a sequel of Time of the Fireflies? I think writing a story about older Larissa calling her younger self would be interesting. I have always wanted to know how older Larissa was able to call a disconnected phone! Please reply!

    • Kimberley Griffiths Little says:

      Hi Larissa Lover! (I don’t know your actual name, sorry! Unless your name IS Larissa, the same as the girl in “Fireflies”, which would be super cool!)
      Thank you so much for your sweet note, it really made my whole week. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed The Time of the Fireflies so much. I hope you get a chance to read the other books that take place in Bayou Bridge: The Healing Spell, Circle of Secrets, and When the Butterflies Came. All the books have fun connections, but are about different girls.
      Your idea for a sequel to Fireflies is intriguing! I’ll have to dig into my Imagination Box and see what I come up with.
      Thanks again for writing! I love hearing from fans.

  31. Aubra says:

    Hi KGL( to much to write all of your name) I am in sixth grade now and I love this book, I am on Page 113 when she goes back in time again. I am somewhat picky on my books so my liking this book is actually saying something. I can’t wait to read more of your books. Also I have a question for you, what book out of all the books you have written are your favorite?

  32. Zoe says:

    This is one of my favorite books! I had to read this book for a book report and loved it! I love family history and just history in general. It tells you about a doll that has cursed a family for years, thats kind of creepy! Knowing that Larissa’s family is safe for now on makes me feel releved. I had lots of different emotions in this book! <3

  33. Kimberley Griffiths Little says:

    Hello Zoe! Thank you so much for your lovely note about THE TIME OF THE FIREFLIES! I’m so thrilled you love the book so much and enjoyed the doll and Larissa’s family history when she slips through time, as well as all the emotions in the story.
    Now you must read the other books in the series: CIRCLE OF SECRETS, WHEN THE BUTTERFLIES CAME, and THE HEALING SPELL! 🙂
    Thanks again!

  34. VioletsVortex says:

    I bought this book and loved it so much!!! It was so amazing I got “Circle of Secrets” from the library and am On chapter 10 I love it and how all the stories fall together like how Larissa is in this book too. I hope you make more books exactly like these ones!! I will continue reading all your books!!! Have a nice day Kimberly!! Sorry if I spelt your name wrong.

  35. Reese says:


  36. Reese says:

    Hey Kimberely!
    you and I have the same birthday!!
    I’ve been IN LOVE with your books for ages!!! AHHHH I LOVE YOU !!!

  37. Reese says:

    LOL I keep commenting haha but I have the strongest urge to turn this into a movie!!!! this is my favorite book OF ALL TIME. I first read it in fifth grade and I haven’t stopped (I Am now a freshmen in highschool!) it never gets boring.

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