I was born in the very awesome city of San Francisco, but a few years later we moved to the other side of the Oakland hills and I finished growing up as a concrete suburban brat in a very ordinary neighborhood with an empty meadow at the dead-end of our street, perfect for building forts. We also had a swimming pool with a homemade slide in the backyard and my best friend conveniently around the corner. Now I live in a place I never dreamed I’d end up–a a solar adobe house on a dirt road near the banks of the Rio Grande in New Mexico with my husband, a robotics engineer, and our three sons.

By the time I turned six, I was devouring a book a day, and by the time I was ten I knew I wanted to create that same magic by writing a book someday, too. In grade school I wrote lots of short stories, and completed my first novel in 9th grade. The gothic romance attempt–a genre all the rage at the time–was written during Fourth Period Girl’s Choir and my girlfriends devoured the pages as fast as I could churn them out “hot off the press”. Longhand in a notebook, of course, while the altos drilled their notes. (I led the second soprano team).

Majoring in English at Brigham Young University, I soon switched to Piano Pedagogy when I realized that I didn’t want to become an English teacher, but rather a writer of children’s books and there was no program offered at the time. MFA’s in Children’s Literature hadn’t been invented yet either.<

In my past life I’ve: Sold grandfather clocks in a European boutique at the mall, worked for a CPA during tax season, waitressed at J.B.s Big Boy to put myself through college, and taught upwards of 20 piano students while homeschooling my three boys and writing, writing, writing whenever I could scribble a few sentences.

Dozens of my short stories have been published in Cricket, Children’s Digest, The New Era, The Friend, Family Circle, and even True Love where they changed my byline to “protect the innocent”.

Reviewers have said very cool things about my books, like: “fast-paced and dramatic”, “characters painted in memorable detail” and “beautifully realized settings”.


1. Kimberley was born on which holiday?

a. Christmas Eve
b. Fourth of July
c. Valentine’s Day
d. St. Patrick’s Day
e. All of the above

2. What is Kimberley’s favorite color?

a. Purple
b. Magenta
c. Sky Blue Pink
d. Orange
e. Purple – again!

3. Where does Kimberley live?

a. On a dusty, bumpy dirt road
b. In a solar adobe house
c. Under a blue tin roof
d. Near the banks of the Rio Grande
e. Did you guess New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment?

4. What did Kimberley want to be when she grew up?

a. A Mom
b. A writer
c. A good pianist
d. A happy person
e. Hey, she got to be them all!

5. Where did Kimberley grow up?

a. Born in a hospital in San Francisco, California
b. A house with 7 bedrooms
c. A backyard with a swimming pool
d. A dead end street with a meadow for building forts – until they built a church there!
e. Hmmm, these facts are all true . . .

6. What are Kimberley’s favorite foods?

a. Pizza  any kind, but hold the anchovies please!
b. Filet mignon — Medium rare
c. Milky Way — King size
d. Cinnamon rolls — homemade, of course, with frosting
e. Every single one of ’em!

7. What was Kimberley’s favorite vacation?

a. The shores of Waikiki beach
b. Borthwick Castle in Scotland
c. A boat tour in the swamps of Louisiana
d. George Washington’s home in Virginia
e. Can’t choose just one – they were all fabulous!

8. Who are Kimberley’s favorite people?

a. her husband
b. her three sons
c. her Mom
d. her brothers and sisters
e. How can she leave anyone out?

9. What does Kimberley do every morning before she writes?

a. Aerobics or Weight Training – love building those muscles
b. Eats a bowl of Frosted Mini-Wheats
c. Struggles with her addiction to email
d. Hugs her kids
e. Now you know her secrets, but ssh!

10. What was Kimberley’s favorite thing to do growing up?

a. Reading in bed at night under the covers
b. Reading during Recess
c. Reading in the orthodontist office
d. Reading during church sermons
e. You’re right if you guessed a, b, c, and d!


1. What weird things did Kimberley experience as a child?

a. A spider in her bed
b. Filling her pockets with so many rocks her pants fell down – yikes!
c. Getting 60 stitches in her leg
d. She was so shy people wondered if she could actually talk!
e. Yep, all of the above!

And here are the answers . . . (drum roll, please)

#1 is C, all the rest, E!!!

Congratulations, you win the grand prize of the day!!! Go read a great book!


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